Business description

Hi? nice to meet you!
We are very pleased to convey this information to you!

"365 Founding Club"
We present a way for you to live happily.

This system is a "automatically System of getting rich".
You just do "follow it randomly"!

Then, you can be the protagonist of the "Golden Key".

Just for $365 (or $185), in 6 months or a year!
This site is intended to describe, educate, and guide such programs, which can earn $10 million per month.
Now, even in the Covid_19 pandemic,
You can be happy,
You can share happiness!

●Then, from now on, I will explain the "365 Founding Club".
●"365 Founding Club", "System of getting rich".
●So, let’s look at the “Overview” of “365 Founding Club” first.

●1. "365 Founding Club" is a marketing to a membership concept.
There may be some mandatory provisions.

●2. "365 Founding Club", once in a lifetime!
You can start a business with just $185 investment.
You invest less and you can succeed only with your own efforts.

●3. “365 Founding Club” and “System of getting rich” are operated without discrimination under the motto of “same conditions and equal benefits”.

●4. It is operated by online marketing that sells "Internet content" such as "System of getting rich".●
●5. "365 Founding Club" is affiliated with "K_Gold Corporation" to sell "KGE_Coin".
However, we do not force the sale of “KGE_Coins” to “365 Founding Club” members.
"365 Founding Club" is "365 Founding Club",
"KGE_Coin" is the same as "KGE_Coin", and each has an independent profit structure.

●6. In the future, in partnership with Master Card or Visa Card, we will give you a prepaid card.
With this card, you can withdraw bonuses accrued from “365 Founding Club” with cash at global ATMs, or purchase products at card merchants.

●7. In addition, we plan to operate as a global shopping mall that sells high-priced products such as apartments, cars, gold bars, etc.
●So, from now on, let me explain the "rules" of "365 Founding Club".
“365 Founding Club” called marketing in its membership concept.

I mentioned that there are some mandatory provisions, but let's see what those "rules" are.

●1. "All registered members must recommend two people within a week after registration, at the latest within a month!" This is it.

"I recommend two people within a month at the latest!"
That's the rule. There is only one rule!

"You have to recommend 2 people." So,
"I can't do the business I recommend!"
Well, there are a lot of such people. Isn't it?

There are people who fall back like that. However, they actually recommend a lot of people.

Why? Don’t hesitate to recommend them?
Because I think that it "can cause damage to others"!

They think, "I'll invest alone."
They have experienced many examples of these in the past.
It made people invest tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they lost money.
Both you and your investors!

So, it is true that it is hesitant to pass information on to other people.

However, if you convey this information and think 
that the other person can be successful together without harm, 
you will be telling a lot of people about the "365 Founding Club".

It doesn't make you invest tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Just, $185!
It's not that big, isn't it?
"It's not difficult to recommend two people, and I don't want to hurt others in your mind!" I think it's because they have that kind of mind.
"What if the other party suffers damage because it is wrong?" doing,
You have such a beautiful heart!

However, let's sublimate this mind, this beautiful mind a little more!
Let's upgrade!
Now when everyone says "I can't live," giving them a way to live can be a way to build virtue!

$185! Although it is a small amount!
You don't want them to think, "Investing loses money!"
You will need to clearly communicate your business value and then invite you to join.

If we think it's difficult to recommend two people, it's hard, and if you think it's easy, it's very easy!

There are many people who register today and recommend two people right away.

●2. If all registered members recommend two people by the next day (next day) after registration, it takes 20 days to complete "20 level organization".

If all registered members recommend two people within a week after registration, it takes 20 weeks to complete "20 level organization".

If all registered members recommend two people within one month after registration, it takes 20 months to complete "20 level organization".

●3. Our "365 Founding Club" aims to complete a "20-level organization" 
within 20 weeks (approximately 5 months) by having all members nominate two within a week, and is a rule.

If you just make up your mind, you can do it the next day,

If you just make up your mind, you can do it all in a week!

By the way, the person who can not recommend two people even within a month, this person should not do this business. 

It's a nuisance, a nuisance, a nuisance!

●4. Come on! Next, although we can't say this is a rule!
In the future, "face-to-face marketing", that is, "center business briefing", "home party", "A B C meeting", etc., such as face-to-face business is avoided, and "online marketing" using telephone and internet is recommended.

In particular, in a world where "social distancing" is in place, the people who make good use of online will be the leader.

●5. So, we will recognize the host running the video lecture system as the center director and pay the center fee.
●From now on, I will explain the "365 Founding Club" and "Marketing Plan".
●How do I become a member of the "365 Founding Club"?
How do I get membership?
Let's find out.

●Members can be classified into 3 levels: ●1st level regular member, ●2nd level regular member, ●and associate member.

●So how do you distinguish them?
●You can sign up as a member by purchasing "KGE_Coin" ●and purchasing a "System of getting rich".

Level 1 full members purchase ◆180 $ or more "KGE_Coin". ◆Buy the Get Rich Solution ($185). ◆You can sign up for $365.

Level 2 full members purchase ◆20$ or more "KGE_Coin" or "Product". ◆ If you buy "Get Rich Solution ($185)". ◆You can sign up for $185.

Associate members do not purchase ◆"KGE_Coin" or purchase goods.◆
Just Buy $185 Get Rich Solution. ◆You can sign up.

◆If you look at the payment system for this Samyuko Pounding Club!. Just for the purchase of the "System of getting rich" ($185), all allowances are paid.
Payment of allowances for coin sales is paid in accordance with the “KGE_Coin” sales regulations.
◆So, how does this system work?
Let's look at the "Operating System".◆

◆If you look at this picture, you know?◆
◆1. It's a binary system!
Since you know well, skip it!

◆2. The sorting principle is "Recommended spillover by person".
I recommended ten people, but all, only under my subsidiary, search for empty seats in my subordinates and enter them all. That's what it means.
From left to right, they are sorted sequentially.

◆3. So what's the rule to align this with?
It says "YOU" here, and it says, "I sort by code, not by people." is.
This makes sense!

◆4. Here! The value of this one code is 100,000 points, USD 100$.

◆5. And, only one account is allowed per person.
Since we have a small amount, there are many people who want to play "multi-account games", but we do not admit to many accounts and multi-accounts.
Only one account is allowed per person.

◆6. Then, the month is closed at midnight on the last day of each month to generate an avatar code and maintain the code.
◆Then, from now on, let’s look at "bonus".
Above all, shouldn't we make money?

◆Let me show you how, how fast, and how much, this system makes you money.

Our marketing plan, even for very old grandmothers, said, "You should be able to calculate your own allowance."

When marketing is difficult to understand, complex, and glamorous, such marketing is a marketing that is glamorous in appearance, and in reality, it doesn't make money.

◆However, our marketing is very simple.
◆"Recommended Bonus", ◆"Sponsor Bonus", ◆"Matching Bonus", ◆and "Avatar Code Generation and Code Maintenance" are very simple.

◆Everyone, you can calculate your own allowance, and you can set how much you can earn.
◆I will explain the "recommended bonus".
We said, "Regular first-level members sign up for $365."
One dollar is 1,000 points.

◆1. Even if you sign up with 365,000 points, the recommended bonus paid by the "365 Founding Club" is 50,000 points.

◆2. And, even if you sign up with $185, 185,000 points, the referral bonus will be paid 50,000 points and $50.◆
◆So, what is the sponsorship bonus?
What we call the sponsorship bonus is the bonus we get when we create an organization like this!
◆You recommend A and B, A recommends C and D. In this way, whether you are going down 5 generations or 10 generations, the bonus you receive when an organization is created is called a sponsorship bonus.

◆here! For the fifth generation, a new code has been registered.
Then, here, 5 dollars each is distributed to the upper code and paid out.
It’s not like this is only paid to level 5
◆Level 1◆, ◆Level 2◆, ◆Level 3◆, ◆Level 4◆, ◆Level 5◆, ... ◆Level 20,◆◆
Until level 20, you will receive so unconditionally Each of 5 dollars!

This is the sponsored bonus concept!◆◆

◆here! It was said that 100 dollars will be distributed to the 20s by 5 dollars each.
◆Are all these five dollars a sponsored bonus?
That's not it. ◆There are three distributions.

◆1. Get a $4 allowance as a sponsor bonus.
Well, sponsored bonus and sponsorship bonus all mean the same thing. Let's say that 5 dollars each of which is distributed to the top is called a sponsored bonus, and receiving 4 dollars each like this is called a sponsorship bonus!

Out of $5, get $4 as a sponsor bonus.

◆2. You will receive $0.5 out of $5 as a "matching bonus".

◆3. And, 0.5 dollars is to be accumulated as "RP".

here! It is distributed in three ways to be paid.

here! It says this is level 20!
◆How much would you earn if you earned a sponsorship of $4 each to level 20?

◆Now let's look at the picture table next to it!

We have 1 week, 2 week, 3 week,
Like this, I told you to go down one step at a time, one at a time, within a week on a weekly basis.

Then, this "20 level organization" is completed, and in 20 weeks, "20 level organization" is completed.
Then, when "20 level organization" is completed, a total of 2,097,150 codes will be registered.
That's about 2 million codes required!

Every time a code is registered, you get $4, so while the "20 level organization" is completed, you'll earn about $8 million.

This does not disappear after paying part of it.
Performance continues to accumulate.
"I have to earn this in 5 months!"
"I have to earn this in 10 months!"
"I have to earn in a year!"
"I have to earn in 2 years!"
It depends on what you design.

Here, 1 week, 2 week, 3 week,...
day, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, ...
Change this "week" to "day" like this. Then, in 20 days, l"20 level organization" is completed.

Also, change "week" to "month" like this. then,
One month, two months, three months, four months, five months, ... 20 months,
In 1 year and 8 months, "20 level organization" is completed.

Depending on how the leader leads, you can quickly complete "20 level organization".

And, if you look here, you get $4 each from 2 million codes and earn $8 million!
So, what do you call this?

"theory!" Say "Theory!"
Everyone! You think it's "theory"?
Probably, most of you would say "theory".

If you think it is impossible, it is impossible, if you think you can do it, you can do it, if you think it is possible, it is possible.

As I said before,
If you change "week" to "day", your 20s will be completed on the 20th,
If you change "week" to "month", in 20 months, "20 level organization" will be completed!

In 20 months, your "20 level organization" will be completed!

If you can't recommend even two people a month, isn't that really a nuisance?

So, we must recommend two people within a week,
That's how the rules were set.

Everyone! Have you ever heard of "compulsory defense war"?
Two people in just one week (Hook!) What! You make a recommendation like this.

After that, every time you recommend one, you get a recommendation bonus and a matching bonus. Since the referral bonus comes in 50 dollars each, isn't it worth recommending one by one?

So you know, this is by no means a theory, it is something that can be realized.
So you have confidence.
You can recommend two people the next day, and you must recommend two people within a week. We hope that you will take the "Compulsory Defense Battle" well!

Like that, if we do that together!
In five or six months, you'll make a huge $8 million.

Here, it's 8 million dollars to calculate!

You plan to have less goals!
"I wish I could only earn 10,000 dollars a month!"
"If I make about 100,000 dollars a month, it would be great!"

With that kind of mind, you just eagerly recommend two people at a time, and recommend additionally,
Also, if you manage your partners to recommend two people, you'll earn $8 million in moments you don't even know.
◆Now let me explain the "matching bonus".
◆What is a "matching bonus"?
The person you recommend and register as a member receives 5 dollars as a sponsorship allowance while completing the 2"20 level organization" under that unit, yes.
You get 10% of that (i.e. $0.5) as a matching bonus.
This is it.

◆This is you!
◆You recommend A, ◆and you recommend B.
A recommended A-1 and A-2, and B recommended B-1 and B-2.

So, ◆an organization under A-1, ◆an organization under A-2, ◆an organization under B-1, ◆an organization under B-2,
Thus, four binary organizations will be created.

Now A and B are 1 level for you, ◆but A-1 and A-2 are 1 level for A,
◆B-1 and B-2 are level 1 of B.

Then ◆2nd level◆, ◆3rd level◆, ◆4th level◆, ◆5th level◆, ◆6th level◆, ◆7th level◆, ◆8th level◆, ◆9th leve◆l, ◆10th level◆,
◆11 levels◆, ... ◆20 levels.◆◆
Organizations are created up to the 20th level.

◆Then, for every player in the lower part of A, you get $0.5 as a "matching bonus"! I did.

So, while A completes 2 million codes, you get $0.5 each, so you get about $1 million as a "matching bonus".

This is what you receive until the process is completed, and after that, you receive 0.5 dollars each month through "code maintenance", and like this.

So, if you recommend one person, you'll receive a "matching bonus" from a minimum of $0.5 to a maximum of $1 million per month.

You've recommended two people, so you'll get up to $2 million.
If you recommend ten people, how much is the "matching bonus"?

character! At this point, I have one thing to let you know.
This marketing shouldn't be expected to "recommend and drop down."
Sometimes we do "recommend and drop down" in the setting process.
By the way, you shouldn't expect our "365 Founding Club" to "recommend and drop it down."

For one person referral, you will receive a "matching bonus" monthly, from a minimum of $0.5 to a maximum of $1 million. By the way, are you passing those recommendations to someone else?

That's why, even if your sponsor doesn't "recommend and drop it down". You should never feel sad.

Be sure to recommend two or more people!

0.5 dollars is less money!
But it gets bigger and bigger!
The longer a company is, the more and more organizations become.

Eventually, you'll earn up to a million dollars every month!

Then, as I said before!
Approach it as a "all-in" business, not a "when you think of it" business.
You may say, "I will continue to recommend one person every day!"
What, can you have that kind of mind?

If you recommend one, you earn 50 dollars as a referral fee. "I would recommend one person every day!"

If you do it with that kind of mind!
Ten people are recommended at any time,
Twenty people are recommended at any time!

And, in the future, when your leaders operate the "video lecture system",
Of course you can!

Bring in one person every day!
Every day, by inviting one person at a time, having them listen to business explanations, and have them register, the speed of completing these "20 level organization" is going to increase dramatically!

I set 20 weeks (5 months), which could be even faster.

And, if you see someone making money from this marketing, and the sponsor above shows you making money from this marketing, wouldn't you be more confident and working hard?

This "matching bonus" is very important!
I hope you now recommend a lot of people and get a huge "matching bonus".

◆The feature of our marketing is that there is no time limit!
“Monthly deadline” is not done to get rid of the past results.

What do we do with "Monthly deadline”? 
◆This is done to create a new "avatar code".
Because there must be standards!

◆1. So, we create a new avatar altitude, at midnight on the end of each month (Singapore Standard Time).
It closes at midnight on the last day of each month, and only one code is generated every month.

◆2. Come on! This avatar code is also 100,000 points of real code.

◆3. Since the generated avatar code's allowance is an actual code of 100,000 points, it will be the same as the main code, right?

By the way, 50% of them are credited to the main code, and 50% are transferred to each country's "Business Development Committee" to be credited.

Why is this?
When we do business, the people in front make money.
Those who start out are supposed to make money.
However, the people behind you are "Earn money!", "Can't make money!", "What can I do!", "What do I do!". There are so many words, right?

So, with the money collected in this "Business Development Committee", you make a profit by making a separate investment, and to give some benefit to the people who come in the back, and to use it for the welfare of members.

◆4. And, the recommendation right for the avatar code is in the main code.
The matching bonus is paid to the main code.
◆ Now let's look at "code maintenance".
"Code maintained!" So,
What is this?

You will have questions!
character! During the marketing of the concept of membership, it becomes a qualification condition to receive monthly allowances.
What! You can think of it like this.

◆At 00:00 on the 1st of every month in Singapore Standard Time, "Code maintained".
While completing the "Twenty Level Organization", it earns $8 million.
Also, if you "Code maintained" monthly, you'll earn $8 million per month.

You earn $8 million during completion, and after completion, you will receive a monthly code retention and also a "sponsored bonus". That means!

◆By the way! Just because I completed "20 level organization", it doesn't mean that $8 million per month immediately, immediately, to me as an income.

Even people at level 20 have to "Code maintained"!
With a term of about two or three months, you can think that "code maintenance" can reach level 20.

◆So, if you "Code maintained" up to level 20 every month, you can get $8 million per month as a "sponsor bonus".

That's it. Isn't that great?

When you accrue an allowance at this "365 Founding Club", take it all with you!
You can take it all with you.
Well, "The company makes a trap and holds an allowance." There is absolutely no such thing!
When the allowance is incurred, you can take it all with you as it is incurred.

◆As I said earlier,
If you keep up to level 20 step by step, you can get 8 million dollars per month as an allowance!
Isn't this fulfilling your dream as a network marketer!
I think so.

◆What's this? It's "money thunderbolt", no, "gold coin!", "gold coin!"
It's such a situation where "gold coins" fall and pile up like this!

◆ In order to "Code maintained" and generate a new "avatar code" like this, what do you need to have?
◆You have to have "RP (Registration Point)"!

Each time a sub-code is registered, the sponsorship fee increases by $5, of which 10% (i.e. $0.5) is accumulated! is.
◆So, with this accumulated, you have to create "Avatar Code" and "Code maintained", but the problem is, ◆this "RP" is insufficient!
◆What will you do when your accumulated "RP" is insufficient?

◆1. The first is to supplement the lack of "RP" by purchasing it through a sponsor. is.
Is it like this? What does this mean?
At first you make a lot of money and say, "You make about 8 million dollars for a single code!". I said so.
$185! Isn't it a small amount?
I mean! What, should I start with 10 codes?
Should I start with 20 code?
Maybe, some of you think so!

By the way, we did not allow "multi-account game".
What's wrong? Since you must recommend two people, if you have a lot of accounts, you will not be able to recommend all of them.

That's why it's a nuisance!

That's why we are not allowing you to play "multi-account games".
By the way, if you can recommend about four people, you can register your son and daughter and recommend two at a time!
This is a convenient way, but I still recommend it as someone who can work, so you can look at it as aegyo.

In any case, we didn't let the "multi-account game" play.
By the way, I prevented that "multi-account game", but it made such a way that I could automatically increase the code every month.

What is that right?
You generate "Avatar Code" every month!

By the way, it hasn't been a while since I've registered, so I don't have enough RP!
Not enough "RP".

So, buy more "RP" and make up for it!
Then, you don't want to do that.

Someone who initially tried to start with ten cords, "Replenish "RP" again!" then. They feel uncomfortable about something!
Oh, human psychology is strange!

As you build an organization, "RP" accumulates, and when "RP" becomes enough, you don't need to invest any more!

Probably, if you invest in a month or two like this, you won't have to invest any more, but you don't want to invest again!

That is why human psychology is very strange.

◆2. Come on! The second way is to convert "Bonus Points (BP)" accrued to you into "RP".

◆3. The third way is to do nothing!
If you don’t recognize the need for Avada code that is generated every month
That's what happens, but you're just waiting for the RP that requires code generation to be credited.

Yes, you do nothing!
It just takes less than two or three months!
You just have to do nothing.

◆4. However, we recommend that you increase your own code by accumulating "RP", which is required to generate the avatar code, when considering the income generated from the avatar code, which is generated once a month!

What does this work for?
Incredibly fast, this organization will be completed.

When someone who completes "20 level organization" comes out, everyone! What will happen?
What will happen?

There will be such a phenomenon that not only Korea, but the whole world is really upset!
There will be tremendous synergies, and you will all enjoy those benefits as well.
So it is very important to generate one avatar code every month! This is it.
Start with 10 chords at first, what you were trying to start with 20 chords, increase by one every month!
Then you can. That’s it.

So far, I've given you a description about what the lack of earning points.
Please join us in this business.
Being a Korean hobbyist overcoming crisis!
Also, like the Korean people!

We hope that you will overcome very difficult times well, be healthy, earn a lot of money, and fulfill your dream as a network marketer.

Thank you!!!
Now, please refer to the website for insufficient explanation and supplement it.

We have explained in detail on the homepage!
Also, if you go to the "Learn more" menu here, there is a pdf file explaining the "Marketing Plan".

Also, "How to register and register as a member" is well explained in a pdf file.

You can refer to this pdf file.

Thank you for listening for a long time!
Become rich! Everyone get rich!◆

--------------0330 -----------------------

Even if you sign up for $365, 365,000 points, 

the referral bonus paid by the "365 Founding 
Club" will give you 30,000 points ($30).

And, even if you sign up for $185 or 185,000 points, 

the referral bonus will pay you 30,000 points ($30).

I get 30 dollars each as a referral bonus,

If you recommend one, you earn $30 as a referral allowance,