7 Day System

1. Day 1 : Registration
달러 지폐

The sooner you register as a member, the better. Because other people can register first while you are hesitating. And $ 365 is not a lot of money, so people can afford it.


Once a lifetime, with only $ 365 and a week's time investment, you have the opportunity to earn $ 10 million per month after six months (or a year or two). What are you worried about? You don't have to buy a lot of goods, or you invest a lot of money. It is a system made by collecting only the essence of network marketing.

2. Day 2: Learning
비즈니스 미팅

If you don't fully understand the system, you can't pass information on to others. When you speak with confidence, you can impress the other person and make the other person act.


You invested $ 365 and spent a week's time. After six months, you need to know exactly how you can earn $ 10 million a month. If you recommend one person, you should know what the “recommended bonus” is and how much the “matching bonus” is. Let's create a coin account such as BTC and ETH for global remittance. Listen to the video. This is to gain freedom of economy, freedom of time. Let's study hard one day!

3. Day 3 to 5: Recruiting

No matter how many people are around you, those who do not join your business are just your friends and acquaintances.


When they join your business, six months later, you can be your partner in this business that makes $ 10 million a month. If you are making money and your partner is making money, you can send as much information as you can.


Anyone has 250 potential customers. You should recommend two of them unconditionally!

4. Day 6: Partner Training

Network marketing is a cloning business. If the rules set by the company and the rules set by the top leader aren't passed all the way down, the system is forced to stop. Therefore, thorough system education is necessary.


The program starts with as little as $ 365, so you can think lightly and have imaginary accounts that don't work. Then you can stop in the middle of poor education. It is important to educate the 6th partner and to assist the 7th partner in recruiting.


Finally check that your partner has a complete understanding of the system! And check your motivation! If you recommend one person, check how much you will receive the recommended bonus! Let's ask what the pole of "matching bonus" is!

5. Day 7: Accompanied

When your partner is recruiting, you need to apply whether you are training or counseling. After your partner has registered, having your business run with confidence is a shortcut to your success.


With imaginary registrations that don't work together, you can never create an organization that makes $ 10 million a month in six months. It can be one year or two years. Therefore, to create an organization that does not stop, you must duplicate your partner correctly.

* Things to do afterwards

When one person is recommended, he finds that the “Recommended Bonus” receives 50 $ from the one, while the “Matching Bonus” receives 0.5 $ and up to $ 1 million per month. Would you rest when you recommended two !? When the person you recommend reaches the pole, you can get $ 1 million a month. So keep going and recommend 10 or 20 people hard!


Manage, supervise, and train your partner on the 7th day to make sure the system is working well. Motivate your partners and promote them. Let's maintain it to be a perfect organization!