Adding coins in "MyEtherWallet"
1. Run "MyEtherWallet" and click "Access My Wallet".
2. Select how you can access your wallet.

3. Click "Keystore File" and click the "Continue" button. 

4. Select your wallet file (Certificate of Authenticity).

   (See USB, download, desktop, etc.)

5. Enter the password you set when creating your "MyEtherWallet".
6. You can see your wallet information.
7. Change the network.

8. You received a coin (token), but you can not see "KEL Coin"?

   You need to add a coin.

9. Record contract addresses, symbols, decimal places, and so on.
10. The coin is now registered in "MyEtherWallet".

Coin (token) registration information

1. Token Contract Address : 0x5520336942c1aB494E22A6F548FadEB9F7404c9e

2. Token Symbol              : KEL

3. Decimals                     : 18

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