1. Referral Bonus

If one member is recommended and registered, and 30,000 points (USD 30 $) will be awarded as a "referral bonus".

2. Sponsor Bonus

Sponsorship Allowance: The funding allowance is 100,000 points (USD 100 $). That is, the registration fee for one code is 100,000 points (USD 100 $), and 100,000 points (USD 100 $) are distributed to the top 20 levels by 5 $. Therefore, every time a member is registered, a code is generated, or maintains a code under his/her affiliate, 5,000 points (5 $) are accumulated for the lower 20s.
Of the 5,000 points (5 $), 10% (500 points = 0.5 $) is paid as matching points, 10% (500 points = 0.5 $) is accumulated as registration points (RP), and 4,000 points (4 $) are sponsored. Received as a bonus.

3. Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus: 10% (0.5$) of the sponsorship allowance will be paid as a matching bonus while the member you refer to is receiving the sponsorship allowance up to level 20 Therefore, if you recommend one person, you will receive a matching bonus from a minimum of 0.5 $ to a maximum of 1 million $ per month according to the new member registration, avatar code registration and maintenance sales up to the lower 20 (level) of the recommender.

If you recommend 10 people, you can receive a matching bonus from a minimum of 5 $ to a maximum of 10 million $ per month. Your avatar code will also give you a matching bonus.

4. Month deadline

This refers to the deadline for generating a new avatar code and maintaining the code with the accumulated registration points. The new avatar code generation date is implemented at midnight on the end of each month, and the code maintenance is performed at 0 o'clock on the first day of each month.

5. How to earn registration points 

At the end of each month, the deadline for generating a new code must proceed. At this time, the RP required to generate the code is 100,000 points, but the accumulated RP (Registration Points) may be insufficient.
At this time, there are several ways to accumulate insufficient RP, and there are no mandatory provisions for this part. You can choose this according to your own wishes.
① Purchasing RP: The insufficient RP is purchased through sponsors and supplemented.
② Convert BP to RP: Convert your BP (bonus points) to RP.
③ Wait until RP is accumulated: If you do not recognize the necessity of the avatar code generated every month, you can wait until the RP accumulated according to the registration of the lower code reaches 100,000 points.

However, when considering the income generated from the avatar code generated one by one each month, it is recommended to increase your own code by accumulating RP required for the monthly avatar code generation.