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"Getting Rich", Blindly follow !!!
Network marketing, which was popular in an era called "the third wave" and "revolution of distribution," has undergone various changes and is now the target of criticism.
There were countries that recognized it as a method of distribution and fostered it nationally, and there were many cases where it was stigmatized as an illegal business method within the framework of vicious regulations, failing to overcome the wall of vested interests that dominate distribution.

We want to revive network marketing, which involves accessing the site on a very personal level and distributing content only online. You can purchase points to participate in the business, participate in mining with the generated bonus points, and stake.

We present ways to get rich through network marketing, cryptocurrency mining, and cryptocurrency staking. Members just need to follow along.



1. Rule!

1. Register as a member at 365FOUNDING CLUB (

You provide information necessary for member registration to the person (recommended person) who has provided the information to you, and the person who wants to register as a member or wants to register as a member registers itself.

Also, send USD 185 $ (or 185 $ local currency equivalent) to your sponsor for content purchase, and register for sales by receiving 185,000p.

Now, I put the flag of the founding.

(USD 1 $ = 1,000 POINT)


2. (Required): Two members are recommended within one week.

The rule is to recommend two members who will participate in the business by investing $ 185 within a week.

After five months, you will earn about $ 8,000,000 to complete the 20th level, and after six months you will earn $ 10,000,000 per month.


3. (optional): One person is recommended every month until level 20 is completed. It doesn't matter if you don't. However, it is optional, but recommending one person at the second, third, and fourth months will speed up the completion of level 20.


4. Don't play multi-account games. This causes the tissue to stagnate. Otherwise, if you complete only 20 levels and your organization is active, you'll earn $ 10,000,000 a month, so there's no reason to play a multi-account game.

We are programmed to automatically generate one new code each month.

2. 20 weeks 20 levels

Note: The figure above is based on the assumption that all registered members will recommend 2 people within a week. It's a program that earns $ 8,000,000 in 20 weeks (5 months) and then $ 10,000,000 per month.


Depending on individual efforts, two people can be recommended in two weeks, or two in a month, and one person can recommend 10, 20, or 50 people. Note that this is an example of the number of cases.


Remember, this is not sorting by person, but by code, and you should know that your code is automatically generated and sorted on a line by month.

3. Buy Points

* After registering as a new member, the new member purchases 185,000P for sales registration.

(185,000P = 185 USDT = USD 185 $)


* New member registrants buy 185 USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges. Or, send $ 185 worth of home currency to a referrer and purchase 365,000P. At this time, the funds are sent to a bank account, a cryptocurrency account such as Bitcoin, etc. specified by the referrer.


* Referrer will send the point of purchase to new member registrant. At this time, the registered ID and temporary password will be sent to the new member.


* New member registrants log in, check the points sent to them, and register sales. Referrer can register sales. In this case, make sure that the sales are registered correctly.


* Once the membership registration and sales registration is complete, log in and fill out or change the required information. (You must change your password.)


* Do you want to register as a member?

Contact: E_mail:

4. Sorting principle

-. System: binary system

-. Alignment principle: Spillover recommended by yourself, sorted from left to right.

-. Sorting Criteria: Sort by code, not by person.

-. Code Value: 100,000 Points (USD 100$)

-. Account: Only one account per person is allowed (many accounts are not accepted).

-. Deadline: The deadline is held at midnight (Singapore standard time) on the last day of each month to create a new avatar code and maintain the code.

-. New Avatar Code: A new avatar code is generated from the monthly accumulated RP and placed in the nearest empty spot under the user.

-. Code maintenance: All codes are accumulated RP, and codes are automatically maintained at 0:00 on the 1st of every month (based on Singapore).

-. In case of lack of RP: You can choose ① Buy RP ② Convert BP to RP ③ Wait until RP is accumulated.


1. Referral Bonus

If one member is recommended and registered, and 30,000 points (USD 30 $) will be awarded as a "referral bonus".

2. Sponsor Bonus

Sponsorship Allowance: The funding allowance is 100,000 points (USD 100 $). That is, the registration fee for one code is 100,000 points (USD 100 $), and 100,000 points (USD 100 $) are distributed to the top 20 levels by 5 $. Therefore, every time a member is registered, a code is generated, or maintains a code under his/her affiliate, 5,000 points (5 $) are accumulated for the lower 20s.
Of the 5,000 points (5 $), 10% (500 points = 0.5 $) is paid as matching points, 10% (500 points = 0.5 $) is accumulated as registration points (RP), and 4,000 points (4 $) are sponsored. Received as a bonus.

3. Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus: 10% (0.5$) of the sponsorship allowance will be paid as a matching bonus while the member you refer to is receiving the sponsorship allowance up to level 20 Therefore, if you recommend one person, you will receive a matching bonus from a minimum of 0.5 $ to a maximum of 1 million $ per month according to the new member registration, avatar code registration and maintenance sales up to the lower 20 (level) of the recommender.

If you recommend 10 people, you can receive a matching bonus from a minimum of 5 $ to a maximum of 10 million $ per month. Your avatar code will also give you a matching bonus.

4. Month deadline

This refers to the deadline for generating a new avatar code and maintaining the code with the accumulated registration points. The new avatar code generation date is implemented at midnight on the end of each month, and the code maintenance is performed at 0 o'clock on the first day of each month.

Special feature
1. Only once in your life!
신용 카드

Only once in a lifetime!

Only 185 $ is needed.

It is the cost of purchasing a kit for your business.


At a very low cost, you can get promotional homepages and shopping malls, and use game content (in preparation).


Start up for just 185 $

No additional investment is required.


2. Very fast speed
상향 곡선

The MLM business or the network marketing business is to foster a sales organization. The key to success is how quickly you can build strong organizational power.


One of the characteristics of this marketing is that you can participate for a small amount, explosive number of people can participate, and new code is generated every month and placed in the lower vacancy, so you can complete level 20 in the shortest time (5 months) to get 8,000,000 $ It is a very fast marketing to earn money.


In addition, the 20-level code is completed because all the code is maintained is able to earn $ 10 million per month.

That's why this marketing is a fantastic dream marketing plan.

3. Same condition same benefit!

This is a considerate marketing plan that helps late registered members.


In the MLM business, even if the contents of the business are good and the items are good, if a member joins as a member late, it is difficult to form an organization due to lack of infrastructure, so people are hesitant to register as members.


However, the feature of this marketing plan is that all registered members generate one code per month and place it below, so that even if you join late, you can automatically form a sales organization (even after 3 years). .


This part, the part that later consideration the registered members can be described as the most powerful features of the marketing plan.

4. Considerate marketing!

It is a considerate marketing plan that helps members who register late.

In the MLM business, no matter how good the business content and good items are, if you join as a member late, it is difficult to form an organization due to lack of infrastructure, so people are hesitant to register as a member.


However, the feature of this marketing plan is that all registered members generate one code every month and place it in the lower level, so even if you sign up late (even if you sign up after 3 years), you can automatically form a sales organization. .


This part, consideration for late members, is the most powerful feature of this marketing plan.

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