Invest in our project!
Investors want to see results in the shortest time after investing.
So, we will prioritize and proceed with the business or project that can produce results in the shortest time.

Our Jaetech aims to generate continuous income by investing in non-ferrous metals such as gold and silver, which have a fast rotation cycle, in parallel with the investment of the Fintech concept based on cryptocurrency.

In addition, it aims to ensure that all members have a stable income by investing in new technology businesses and acquiring stocks.
1. Announcement of the project
The company selects a project to be carried out and announces it on the website.The financial plan required for the project is announced in the form of a business plan.
2. Recruitment of applicants
Except during the promotion period, indicate your intention to participate on the bulletin board.Make a reservation at twice the desired amount, and when the reservation is complete, proceed to the next step.If the target amount is 1 billion, reserve 2 billion. Only the intention to participate is indicated on the purpose bulletin board.
3. Buy KGE_Coin
Only reserved members purchase KGE_Coin on a first-come, first-served basis.In this case, 1 KGE = 1 USD (= USDT) is applied.Therefore, purchasing and holding KGE_Coin during the promotion period can be a financial tech.For example, during the promotion period, if you buy 1 KGE at 0.1$, you get 10 times, if you buy at 0.2$, you get 5 times, and at 0.5$If you buy it, you can make twice as much profit.
4. Run the project
When the target amount is collected, the project is executed.
5. Return coins and distribute principal and profits
KGE_Coin is returned for each proceeding session and the profits are distributed.Members who wish to continue participating will receive only the profits.