Online marketing methods

1. The flow of the times

We are facing an unprecedented COVID_19 pandemic. Our hope is that this situation will end as soon as possible, and we eagerly want to return to our old routine. However, the situation is not going as we wish. Some experts say that this situation will be prevalent for two to three years, while others say that'the old free life may not come forever'.

The world's economy is forced to grow negatively, and in many places, for food, stockpiling, protests and demonstrations. In order to live in such a situation, economic activity is essential.

Those engaged in door-to-door sales are equally compelled to struggle for survival. You have to meet people and engage in sales activities without knowing what will happen tomorrow. The other person may be a coronavirus carrier, but the reality is that you have to meet people to sell products, explain your marketing plan, and struggle to get results.

As a result, it is also a reality that many people are infected with the coronavirus due to the connection between Seoul, Daejeon, and Gwangju. The reason why the government bans it and gathers at gathering places where others are on the lookout is, in a word, a grievous struggle to earn money to survive.

2. Online Marketing

Most of the people in door-to-door sales are driven to the field to survive, and they must conduct sales activities while neglecting the coronavirus and the threat of life. Could it be possible to replace such a situation where door-to-door salespeople are crowded to the limit? Is'face-to-face marketing' the only way to meet people at risk?

There is an alternative. That's online marketing.
Already, online marketing is replacing offline marketing in many parts of our society.

​If you purchase a product at the online shopping mall, you can receive the product that day with same-day delivery, and even if you order the product in the evening, you can receive the product at dawn the next day. "Dawn delivery" is a system that feels wonderful to foreigners. Utility bills, tax payments, and bank loans are processed online without going to the bank. Online marketing is already being implemented in many fields.

By the way, in the field of door-to-door sales, the reality is that online marketing is not well positioned. I thought it was efficient to explain the business by looking at the face or by gathering a lot of people, so I became a habit. So, the reality is that I have to meet, have a cup of tea, eat, and explain the business.

​Now, this door-to-door sales segment has to be done online. 'Covid_19 Pandemic' made people engaged in this door-to-door sales also do online marketing. Now, don't be sorry if you don't serve a cup of tea or a meal. Explaining over the phone, you need to quickly become a habit and master how to pay off.

3. Efficiency of online marketing

We have countless ways to make our business known.

You can use various social network services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkerden, Kakao Talk, and Line.
Even with all of these available methods, the leaders in our door-to-door sales business want to work offline. From Seoul to Busan, to Gwangju, to Daegu to meet people, leaders who are moving more globally are flying to Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Indonesia, to Thailand, and far away from the United States to meet people.

​This way of doing business is costly.
Leaders who travel across the country and manage partners sometimes pay millions or tens of millions of won a month. Flight price, train ticket price such as KTX, meal fee paid at meeting, coffee price, etc. Why should you do business while paying so much? Now is the time to do business online, and the coronavirus is forcing you to do so.

With online marketing,
First, you can do marketing with a sense of psychological stability. You don't have to worry about whether you're going to spread the virus or whether you'll get the virus from the other person. You can communicate with confidence in your own stable environment without worrying about each other. What you say in a sense of psychological stability can actually create empathy for the other person.

Second, you can save a lot of these costs. Rather than paying a lot to just get the face-to-face effect, you need to use the online business description method. YouTube live broadcasting can also be a new way. Instead, you have to invest as much time as in-person marketing.

Third, it can save you a lot of time. Offline marketing can be limited to a few people you must meet, but if you do it online, you will save time on the go and you will be able to chat with more people.

Fourth, you can deliver your business to an unspecified number of people and educate your partners. The effect of media is to communicate information to countless people. In particular, live YouTube broadcasting can have the best effect using media.

4. Success with online marketing

Online marketing should have your own know-how. There are already many leaders who communicate well online using various social network services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs.

​A person who is obsessed with the stereotype of'must meet people and do business' cannot survive this "Covid_19 Pandemic" situation. Eventually, they cannot adapt to the environment and are forced to be eliminated. It's surprisingly simple to get out of this stereotype and switch to online marketing. You only need to be confident that you can succeed in your door-to-door sales business without meeting people. Just meet that system.

​Prepare for online marketing by the methods outlined below. These are the parts that are already being used by many people but have not been used for marketing. Those who have not used these social networking services are encouraged to follow the instructions below.

A. Let's utilize video chat.
In the meantime, while doing business such as network marketing or door-to-door sales, I have been face-to-face with people offline, explaining business and managing partners, but there are many people who think that they can't do business because they are suddenly not meeting people or not meeting people. .

Such people should use Kakao Talk, Skype, or other video chat programs. These methods have already been used a lot in real life. Do not think of it as a conversation in everyday life, but actively use it as a marketing method. This will have the effect of having a conversation while looking at your face. It would be nice to recommend or manage your business through this video chat. You can use one-on-one video chat by raising it to multi-party video chat.
Did you suggest an alternative that is too easy? It is a situation that requires a change of ideas. Just by doing business through this video chat, general businesses can do online marketing.

B. Using YouTube
In order to grow into a large leader, you must be able to create a channel on YouTube and create and upload business description videos. In addition, it can be effective to provide continuous real-time education by establishing a one-person broadcasting system.
Online marketing can be maximized by using other social network services as a supplement.

5. We must build an elaborate tower.

While network marketing is referred to as “the best business”, it is a reality that most networkers are showing the lowest business behavior. They do not try to elaborately build a tower, but act like people waiting for the hongshi to fall under the persimmon tree. Most networkers want to make a small amount of money by making a small amount of sales. He wants the company to make money without making any effort and to allocate large amounts of money to the owners. This form of marketing will only make the investor not make money, and the company will not last long and go bankrupt.

It is only one stone that is thrown away in sales. If you don't build a tower, it's just a single rock scattered here and there. You have to build a tower by collecting the scattered stones. The first floor pagoda is recommended by two partners, and the second floor is completed when the partners recommend two each. If you complete the 10-story pagoda and the 15-story pagoda like this, you will ultimately complete the 20-story pagoda.

It is impossible for one member to complete the 20-story pagoda. However, you only need to build a one-story pagoda and educate, manage, and apply to its partners to build a one-story pagoda. Look at the tower you built and manage to the 5th floor! And if you let each of your partners do that, you'll have a 20-story tower built for you.

When you collect stones and build a tower, the tower becomes a stone pagoda, a bronze pagoda, a silver pagoda, and ultimately a gold pagoda. During the completion of the 20-story pagoda, you will acquire the freedom of economy that each of you dreamed of, and you will grow goose that lays golden eggs.

It is not without effort. You have to spend a lot of time persuading, training, and managing. That means you really have to work hard. It is easy to break up if you don't build a tower with effort. There is also a saying in the proverb, "Will the elaborate tower collapse?!" If you want to be successful with network marketing, you have to abandon the thought of "throwing one account and making money easily."

6. Online Marketing Practice

a. You have a complete understanding of the system.
If you don't know, you can't convince others. You need to understand how this "365founding system" makes you rich and be able to explain to others.

B. Select people to be with you.
There may be hundreds or thousands of people on your phone. Among them, we select people who can listen to you and trust you. This is called'list-up', and roughly 250 people will be able to listen to you.

​C. Introducing the "365founding Club".
You give a brief description of this business by phone call or other means to the selected people, and pass the site address and referrer (your ID) ID.
Site address:
Your  ID: f*******

D. And, it motivates you to register.
What are the benefits of becoming a member? How to get economic freedom and get rich! It explains the advantages of first-come-first-served registration due to the binary structure and allows you to sign up as a member. It also describes the obligations and the rules of this system. Such as having to recommend two people within one week after registration.

E. Register for membership and sales.
   Please refer to the [How to Register] menu!

F. We manage 5 majors for success.

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