Online marketing methods

1. The flow of the times
비즈니스 미팅

We are facing an unprecedented "COVID_19 Pandemic" situation.

Our hope is that this situation will end as soon as possible, and we eagerly want to return to our old routine. But the situation is not going as we wish. Some experts say that this situation will be prevalent for two to three years, while others say that'the old free life may not come forever'.

Coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on the surface of an object, and cases have been found that are infected by air to people more than 6.5m away, not by droplet propagation, so many experts say that the social distancing regulation itself needs to be changed. It is also strongly suggested. In addition, we are aware that the virus survives for up to 16 hours floating in the air in an aerosol state, and can infect not only people who come into contact with the same time zone, but also people who visit the place where the virus confirmed visited at a time difference I am astonished.

In addition, several kinds of vaccines have been developed, but as strains of viruses appear constantly, some vaccines have been denied effectiveness against new strains of viruses. However, it is difficult to obtain this vaccine even for relatively weak countries while monopolizing this vaccine.

As a result of this, the world's economy has no choice but to negatively grow, and in many places, for food, stockpiling, demonstrations and demonstrations are also held. In order to live in such a situation, economic activity is essential.

Those engaged in door-to-door sales are equally compelled to struggle for survival. You have to meet people and do sales activities without knowing what will happen tomorrow. The other person may be a coronavirus carrier, but the reality is that you have to meet people and sell your products, explain your marketing plan, and struggle to get results.

However, even this is a reality that due to strong government regulations, we cannot have "meetings" and "meetings", we have to stop all economic activities, and we are not finding a direction to survive.

2. Online Marketing
컴퓨터에 입력

Most of the people in door-to-door sales are driven to the field to survive, and they must conduct sales activities while neglecting the coronavirus and the threat of life. Could it be possible to replace the situation in which door-to-door salespeople are crowded to the limit? Is'face-to-face marketing' the only way to meet people at risk?

There is an alternative. That's online marketing.
Already, online marketing is replacing offline marketing in many parts of our society.

​​If you purchase a product at the online shopping mall, you can receive the product that day with same-day delivery, and even if you order the product in the evening, you can receive the product at dawn the next day. "Dawn delivery" is a system that feels wonderful to foreigners. Online lecture systems of all school academies, online video worship services of churches and temples, video conferencing systems of companies, utility bills, tax payments, and bank loans are processed online without going to the bank. Online marketing is already being implemented in many fields.

​By the way, the reality is that online marketing is not well positioned in the door-to-door sales field. I thought it would be efficient to explain the business by looking at the face or by gathering a lot of people, so it became a habit. So, the reality is that I have to meet, have a cup of tea, eat, and explain the business.

​​Now, this door-to-door sales segment has to be conducted online as well. The'Covid_19 Pandemic' made people engaged in this door-to-door sales also do online marketing. The government's policy also prohibits large numbers of people from gathering. Now, don't be sorry if you don't serve a cup of tea or a meal. In the situation of'Covid_19 Pandemic' where we don't know when it will be in the future, we can't wait for the situation to improve and just let go of our hands.

You don't become a leader when you have hundreds or thousands of people to give a good lecture. Having a good table meeting doesn't mean you can be a leader just because you lead the other person in the direction you want. In order to live, you must quickly become a habit and master how to explain over the phone and reap fruit. Building and managing a good organization over the phone can also be a leader and a successful business.

You're alone on an uninhabited island after y

ou're cut off, and you have nothing in your hands. What do you need to do to survive? The situation in the'Covid_19 Pandemic' right now is the same as leaving you alone on a desert island after bowing down. Still, you have a cell phone, a computer at home, and the Internet to communicate outside is open. You must use this to compete for survival now, and use this alone to become a leader. You have to succeed only with your cell phone, computer, and internet, and you can succeed.

The “365founding Club” prohibits all face-to-face marketing such as business briefings, home parties, and ABC meetings with unspecified people offline. Only pass this information on to people you know using our online tool!

You can succeed with online marketing alone.
This site tells you all the necessary methods for your business, including business descriptions, business methods, education, and more.

3. Efficiency of online marketing
 정의의 저울

We have countless ways to make our business known.

You can use various social network services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkerden, Kakao Talk, and Line.
Even with all of these available methods, the leaders in our door-to-door sales business want to work offline. From Seoul to Busan, to Gwangju, to Daegu to meet people, leaders who are moving more globally are flying to Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Indonesia, to Thailand, and far away from the United States to meet people.

​This way of doing business is costly.
Leaders who travel across the country and manage partners sometimes pay millions or tens of millions of won a month. Flight price, train ticket price such as KTX, meal fee paid at meeting, coffee price, etc. Why should you do business while paying so much? Now is the time to do business online, and the coronavirus is forcing you to do so.

With online marketing,
First, you can do marketing with a sense of psychological stability. You don't have to worry about whether you're going to spread the virus or whether you'll get the virus from the other person. You can communicate with confidence in your own stable environment without worrying about each other. What you say in a sense of psychological stability can actually create empathy for the other person.

Second, you can save a lot of these costs. Rather than paying a lot to just get the face-to-face effect, you need to use the online business description method. YouTube live broadcasting can also be a new way. Instead, you have to invest as much time as in-person marketing.

Third, it can save you a lot of time. Offline marketing can be limited to a few people you must meet, but if you do it online, you will save time on the go and you will be able to chat with more people.

Fourth, you can deliver your business to an unspecified number of people and educate your partners. The effect of media is to communicate information to countless people. In particular, live YouTube broadcasting can have the best effect using media.

4. Success with online marketing

Online marketing should have your own know-how. There are already many leaders who communicate well online using various social network services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs.

​A person who is obsessed with the stereotype of'must meet people and do business' cannot survive this "Covid_19 Pandemic" situation. Eventually, they cannot adapt to the environment and are forced to be eliminated. It's surprisingly simple to get out of this stereotype and switch to online marketing. You only need to be confident that you can succeed in your door-to-door sales business without meeting people. Just meet that system.

Prepare for online marketing by the methods outlined below. These are the parts that are already used by many people but have not been used for marketing. Those who have not used these social networking services are encouraged to follow the instructions below.

A. Let's utilize telephone (video chat).

In the meantime, while doing business such as network marketing or door-to-door sales, I have been face-to-face with people offline, explaining business and managing partners, but there are many people who think that they can't do business because they are suddenly not meeting people or not meeting people. .

Such people should use Kakao Talk, Skype, or other video chat programs. This method has already been used a lot in real life. Do not think of it as a conversation in everyday life, but actively use it as a marketing method. This will have the effect of talking while looking at your face. It would be nice to recommend or manage your business through this video chat. One-on-one video calling (chat) brings more intimacy and trust than simple voice calls.

Did you suggest an alternative that is too easy? It is a situation that requires a change of ideas. Just by doing business through this video chat, general business operators can do online marketing.

B. Using "YouTube"

In order to grow into a large leader, you need to create a channel on "YouTube" and create and upload a business description video yourself. Training for the team as a one-person media works.

c. Using video lectures

In addition, you need to know how to give lectures using the Internet at any time you want by using video lecture systems such as ZOOM, Cisco Webex, Google Meets, Teams, Kakao Talk, and bands.

You can give a video lecture yourself or use the video lecture time opened by the leader. The business is explained by replacing the offline lecture at the center with this online video lecture.

5. Online Marketing Practice
Modern Businesswoman
A. What to do as a host (center head)

Guidelines for the success of the "365founding Club".

a. If you are a center or leader, install your video lecture programs "ZOOM", "Cisco Webex", and other video lecture programs on your computer and prepare them for video lectures as a host. . The link below is a site where you can download this program. (, (

When using a mobile phone, search for "ZOOM" and "Cisco Webex" in the Play Store and install it. When using this program as a host, you must log in. When joining a meeting as a client, you can join the meeting without an account without logging in. In addition to this, there are many video lecture systems such as Cisco Webex, Google Meets, Teams, Kakao Talk, and bands, and you choose the program you like.

B. Once you've installed the program, you first sign up for free, get an account, and open a "personal meeting room".

c. Set a schedule to hold a business briefing and notify the person who will participate in your business with a link to "personal meeting room" or ID and password through e-mail, SNS, and chat rooms.

The "YouTube" link below will guide you through the video conferencing (video lecture) system using "ZOOM" and "Cisco Webex". In addition to this, there are many resources on how to install and use this program on "Youtube", so please refer to it.


** "365founding Club" is recognized as a "centre leader" to the leader who is building a certain infrastructure among host creators, and sends a centapee.

B. Membership (invited person)

Success Guide to "365 Successful Clubs".

a. Install "ZOOM", "Sisco Webex"

Customers (members) can participate in the above program without logging in, but to join the meeting using the link sent by the host, this program ("ZOOM", "Sisco Webex") must be installed on a computer or mobile phone.

b. Click on the link!

Click the link you received through SNS (text message, KakaoTalk, Telegram, etc.).
If you click a link on your mobile phone or computer during a meeting (lecture), you can join the meeting (lecture) simply by clicking the "Join Meeting" button without logging in.

c. Sign up

When the business description is complete, discuss how to participate in this project with the person you invited, and proceed with the registration process.

C. Invite members!

Guidelines for the success of the "365founding Club".

a. Enough learning

This "365founding Club" is a system of getting rich even for a small amount (185$). You have to study how to make big money with these little money. Then you have to be confident. With that confidence, you can succeed. All you have to do is join the ready-made success system.


b. Forward the link

Forward the link of the host associated with you to anyone you wish to join with this "365founding Club". Send the link to the invitees through your SNS (text message, katok, telegram, etc.). While delivering the link, ① install the program (ZOOM, Webex, etc.), ② click the link, and ③ click the "Join Meeting" button without logging in to participate in the conference (lecture).

C. Registration invitation and guidance

After the business briefing lecture is over, you invite the inviter to join the project and proceed with the registration process. Registered members send an invitation link to the person who will participate in this system at the next lecture so that they can watch this lecture and register more than one person.


D. Persistent invitation

​Now you need to do the 5 main things to succeed. You can do anything over the phone. There are about 250 potential customers in your phone book. Keep inviting and expanding your membership infrastructure, and success is yours.

There can be many ways, such as a business briefing with an unspecified crowd, a meeting to meet and convey information, an ABC meeting with a sponsor to explain the business, a home party, and so on, but now you must forget all of these methods. You will never succeed in this business unless you forget these methods you have been doing.

D. 화상강의 예시