How to register as a member
Before Registering

** For this business, you must have at least one account of Tether Coin (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), or Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange in your country. This is because point purchases and bonus payments are paid in coins. **
** In particular, the leader (or the head of the registration center) must be familiar with coin trading. **
** Users can right-click and click "Translate to Korean(T)" to translate into the language of the station used by the system. **

How to become a member

There are two ways to register as a member: when registering by a recommender, or when a member obtains and registers points directly from a member of the company. Follow the procedure below.

A. Member registration,    B. Point purchase,    C. Content purchase.

A. How to register as a member
1. How the recommender registers as a member
① Recommenders click "My Page", log in, and click "sign up".

② Input "User Name(ID)" and "CHECK" whether it is usable or not.
③ Enter "Full Name".
④ Enter “Pass Word”.
⑤ Re-enter "Pass Word".
⑥ Enter "E_Mail" and "CHECK" whether it is available or not.
⑦ Select "Country".
⑧ Enter the recommender ID and click "SEARCH", then click the recommender's ID in the pop-up window. Then click "CONFIRM".

2. How to register as a member yourself
① Access the homepage and click the "365 Club / My Page" icon at the top of the menu.
② Access the website and click the "365 Club / My Page" icon at the top of the menu.
③ Register as a member by referring to how the recommender registers as a member above.
B. Buy Points
Now that you have registered as a member, you need to purchase points to become a member of the club, and then use the points to purchase content.
1. Buy points from a recommender.

-. Remit the domestic currency or coin required for membership to the recommender and receive points.
-. At this time. Fees, or registration center operating costs, may be included.
-. After purchasing points, you log in and proceed to purchase content.

2. You purchase points directly from the company.
1) Open the Update Profile menu and enter the wallet address of your coin (USDT, BTC, ETH). Then, click "MODIFY PROFILE". You will need it later when you apply for currency exchange from the company.
2) Select the type of coin to deposit to the company and purchase points.
① Select the type of coin to deposit to the company. Choose from USDT, BTC, or ETH.
② Check that your coin address is correct.
③ Enter the points you want to purchase. Ex) 365,000P, 1,000,000P, etc.
④ It is the price of coins for the number of points you want to purchase. Remember the quantity of this coin.
⑤ Transfer the coin calculated in Paragraph 4 from your coin wallet to your company wallet.
⑥ When the coin transfer is complete, click "BOOKING TRANSFER".
C. Content purchase
Follow the instructions to purchase content.

① Click the "Order & Upgrade" menu.
② Enter "User Name(ID)", click "SEARCH", and click "User Name(ID)" in the pop-up window.
③ Check "Available Point". Check whether there are more than 365,000.00 Points.
④ Click "PV / Select Membership" and select Deposit 365000 / 365,000 PV.
⑤ Enter 165000 in the "Points to be paid" blank box.
⑥ Check "Prompt for concent" and click "Enter".

Transferring points between members

① Click the "Transfer of Point" menu.
② Enter the User Name (ID) of the member who will receive points and click "SEARCH".
Click User Name (ID) in the pop-up window.
③ Check your B Points.
④ Enter the B Points to be sent in Section 4.
⑤ Enter Pass Word and click "ENTER".

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