How to register(登録方法)

Before registration

** For this project, you must have at least one account in your local exchange: Tethercoin (USDT), or Bitcoin (BTC), or ETH. This is because point purchases and bonus payments are paid in coin. **

** The leader (or Director of the Registration Center) in particular must be familiar with coin transactions. **

** The user can right-click and click "T" to translate into the local language used by the system. **

How to register as a member

Follow the procedure below to register as a member.

1) member registration,   2) point purchase, and   3) content purchase.

A. How referees registered members

1. The referrer clicks "My Page", logs in, and clicks "sign up".

   Even when the applicant wants to register directly, click "My Page", and click "Sign up".

2. Your "User Name (ID)" is automatically assigned.

3. Enter "Full Name".

4. Enter "Pass Word".

5. Re-enter "Pass Word".

6. Enter "E_Mail" and check the availability.

7. Select "Country".

8. Enter your referral ID, click "SEARCH", and click the referrer ID in the pop-up window.

   Then click "CONFIRM".

** If you want to register on mobile, click Settings (⋮) at the top right, check the "desktop site ⧠",

   and click "Sign Up"!

B. Buy Points

Now that you have registered as a member, you must purchase points to become a club member and purchase content at that point.

B-1. Buy points to recommenders, How to purchase content

Send a recommendation person's domestic currency or coin required for membership, and receive points.  At this time. Fees, or registration center operating expenses. After purchasing the points, the user logs in and proceeds with the content purchase.

1. Click the "Order & Upgrade" menu.

2. Enter "User Name (ID)", click "SEARCH", and click "User Name (ID)" in the popup window.

3. Check "Available Point". Check if there is more than 345,000.00 points.

4. Click on "PV / Select Membership" and select Deposit 365000 USD / 345,000 PV / 345,000 points.

5. Enter 365000 in the "Points to be paid" blank box.

6. Check "Prompt for concent" and click "Enter".

B-2. How to buy and register points from a company

1) Open the Update Profile menu and enter the wallet address of the coin you are using (USDT, BTC, ETH). And Click "MODIFY PROFILE". It is necessary to apply for exchange from the company later.

2) Choose the type of coin to deposit into the company, and purchase points.

1. Select the type of coin to deposit into the company. Select one of USDT, BTC, or ETH.

2. Make sure your coin address is correct.

3. Enter the point you want to purchase. Ex) 365,000P, 1,000,000P, etc.

4. The price of the coin to the point you want to buy. Remember the quantity of this coin.

5. Send coins calculated in paragraph 4 from your coin purse to your corporate purse.

6. When coin transfer is complete, click "BOOKING TRANSFER".

3) Proceed with content purchase according to the guidance of B-1.

Transfer points between members

1. Click the "Transfer of Point" menu.

2. Enter the User Name (ID) of the member to receive the points and click "SEARCH".

In the pop-up window, click User Name (ID).

3. Check your B points.

4. Enter the B Points to send.

5. Enter Pass Word and click "ENTER".

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