1. Sorting principle

-. System: binary system

-. Alignment principle: Spillover recommended by yourself, sorted from left to right.

-. Sorting Criteria: Sort by code, not by person.

-. Code Value: 100,000 Points (USD 100$)

-. Account: Only one account per person is allowed (many accounts are not accepted).

-. Deadline: The deadline is held at midnight (Singapore standard time) on the last day of each month to create a new avatar code and maintain the code.

-. New Avatar Code: A new avatar code is generated from the monthly accumulated RP and placed in the nearest empty spot under the user.

-. Code maintenance: All codes are accumulated RP, and codes are automatically maintained at 0:00 on the 1st of every month (based on Singapore).

-. In case of lack of RP: You can choose ① Buy RP ② Convert BP to RP ③ Wait until RP is accumulated.

2. Binary System

Look at the picture below and find out what a burner system is!

속도 자전거
블루 오토바이
3. Alignment example 1

According to the sales registration order, the code of the new registrant is placed under the recommender..

4. Alignment example 2

The new code generated every month is placed under the main code of the user.

Subaquatic 생활
5. 365 $(or 185 $)  Usage!

* 20 $ : Product (or KGE_Coin) purchase cost
* 30 $ : Direct (referral) bonus
* 100 $ : Indirect (Sponsorship) Bonus
* 10 $ : Center allowance (leader activity fee)
* 25 $: system fee,

* The product purchase fee of $20 (20,000 points) can be paid to members by selecting a product according to the circumstances and laws of each country, the leader (or center), depending on the circumstances of the country and the needs of the members.

* For product purchase, if you do not select a product, you are basically paid in KGE_Coin worth 20$.

6. Product purchase cost payment policy
감싸 인 선물

* Companies or leaders in door-to-door sales can select, sell, and pay for their own products. You do not necessarily have to sell only selected products from the "365founding Club".
* Among the product purchase cost, “365founding Club” supports 20 USD.
* When purchasing in bulk, the product purchase cost may be lowered.
* For global transportation, there may be differences in taxation and transportation costs by country.

Moreover, in the "Covid 19 pandemic" situation, the flow of logistics is not smooth.

* Depending on the leader's choice, the product purchase cost can be paid in lump sum to the leader or 20,000 points can be paid to individual registered members in the form of cashback.

7. Payment Method!

1.Every time a code is registered, 100,000 points of code value are distributed to 5,000 points in the top 20 levels. (real time)

2. 5,000 points paid for each code will be divided into 500 points for shopping and registration points (RP), 500 points for matching bonuses, and 4,000 points for bonus points (BP).