Five Commandments to Success

1. Let's know for sure! let's study!
비즈니스 미팅

We need to know why the 365 founding system is the one that makes the rich automatically. You need to know how you can make $ 10 million in six months.

You cannot act unless you know it.
Therefore, you must know exactly how you are made rich.


Sorted by code, not by person! If all the registered people proceed in a way that recommends 2 people in a week (7 days), in 20 weeks (5 months), 20 levels (20 levels) are completed! One code is automatically generated each month, and if you recommend more than one person, you can complete level 20 faster! And earn $ 8 million to complete level 20, then earn $ 10 million every month after reaching the pole! If you recommend one person, you will earn a matching bonus from $ 0.5 to $ 1 million per month, and you will need to know what the principle is.
There is much to know.


Knowing one more can help you find answers to your partners.

The bottom line is that if you invest $ 365, you can make $ 10 million in six months, and if you don't study for a while, he's either a person who doesn't want to make money or an opportunist who wants to be a freak.


So let's study hard to know for sure!

2. Trust the 365founding system!
컴퓨터에 입력

Why should we believe in the 365founding system?


If you're new to network marketing, everything feels new and hopeful, but it's also true.


Those with a lot of network marketing experience have many marketing plans in their minds. Of course, you may have succeeded, but there will be many failed experiences. Therefore, there are many thoughts to make money easily and securely, and when you come across a marketing plan with a new technique, you will first analyze it. One's successful experience Failed experience judges new plans. First we try to find out what the disadvantages are. For good reason, don't try to open the door.

Just This Is Fund Marketing Anyone! This is multilevel marketing! Rank marketing! Retrade, Binary, Unilevel, etc.! Judging in their own way, the new marketing plan is regarded as a sub-market of such marketing and no longer tries to look into it.

And what time do you make money by investing such a small amount (365 USD)? The idea is that a program that invests big money can make big money easily. So experienced people want to lead their partners in a way that suits their style.


However, anyone who wants to make money with this 365founding system will look at the basic philosophy and spirit of the system and find that even with this small amount of 365 USD, he can make huge money and become a successful person.


If we now know for sure, we must have a steady faith. You must have a heart of faith to act. And you can explain it to your partners with confidence and take it with you. It puts blind faith, but knowing and believing with certainty is unwavering and is the foundation for success

3. Be sure to recommend more than 2 people!
 정의의 저울

Two people must be recommended for success.
Be sure to recommend two people within a week!


365 USD is not a lot of money. For some reason, this amount is enough to prepare as much as you want. If you know the system well, believe it, and encourage others with strong convictions, you will be able to persuade others and recommend two people a week.

If you can't recommend at least two people who want to make $ 10 million in the next six months, how can you make big money? Rather than staying thinking it's impossible, I would recommend two people.


The system mandated the recommendation of two people within one week of registration.
If you can't recommend two people, don't join at all. Learn more about this system and make sure you register when you are confident you will succeed with it.


And if you've recommended two people, now you need more infrastructure for your success, but for your partner to be successful, let's recommend one or more members every month! Of course, if that person reaches its peak, he will be such a tremendous resource that makes me earn $ 1 million a month. For your partner's success, you should make daily recommendations for one or more people.

4. The membership fee shall be prepared by each member.

We've seen a lot of experiences in the past that we've been funded by some of our top sponsors, or we've been supporting some of our infrastructure.


But most people never work hard unless their money is invested. There is a saying, "There is my heart where the matter is." The more money they make their own, the more precious and attached they are. And the more they learn about this system, the stronger their motivation to succeed through this system.


In the meantime, I've seen a lot of people who have bought and set up infrastructure with money in terms of decades of network marketing experience. But they (who invested money or participated in the setting) never succeeded. Because only the psychological psychology that only expects the bonus according to the setting will work, and does not try


Therefore, you should prepare yourself for the cost of their registration. Sponsors may then be responsible for the costs incurred afterwards, for example, for meetings to develop new infrastructure, such as drinking coffee or eating a meal. Sometimes the cost of transportation is the responsibility of the sponsor. These may be burdened by higher sponsors in some cases, but be sure to cover the cost of joining the system. It is a commandment you must keep to your success.

5. Manage five levels!
비즈니스 미팅

Manage 5 levels!
Take a look at your recommended genealogy and team genealogy every day and think that you are in control of yourself until step five!


No matter how famous your partner is or if you are an experienced person, you should take care of yourself. If you manage five levels (levels), and if you are a member of your own recommendation or a sponsor, or if they manage five levels (levels) again, then you manage up to six levels (levels). will be. If my partner in step 5 (level) also manages step 5 (levels), he manages step 10 (levels), and if he manages step 5 (levels), he will indirectly manage level 20.


What will you manage?
Check and manage why two people aren't recommending! Make sure he knows this system properly! Check to see if you are one of multiple accounts! Check your interest level and, if you aren't interested, recommend him and discuss it with the sponsor you registered to replace him! If possible, educate and teach this system! Level 20 must be managed to be one mind to complete. You can check things carefully, educate them with certainty, motivate them to work with confidence, comfort, and hold hands together in the direction you want to go.


Therefore, five levels (levels) of management ensure that education and reproduction continue. Have all members read the 5 Commandments of Success every day and repeat! This is the way for everyone to succeed.

* 5 Commandments for Success
바쁜 사무실

1. Let's know for sure! let's study!

2. Trust the 365founding system!

3. Be sure to recommend more than 2 people!

4. The subscription fee shall be prepared by the subscriber.

5. Manage five levels!

**. We must build an elaborate tower.

While network marketing is referred to as “the best business”, it is a reality that most networkers are showing the lowest business behavior. They do not try to elaborately build a tower, but act like people waiting for the hongshi to fall under the persimmon tree. Most networkers want to make a small amount of money by making a small amount of sales. He wants the company to make money without making any effort and to allocate large amounts of money to the owners. This form of marketing will only make the investor not make money, and the company will not last long and go bankrupt.

It is only one stone that is thrown away in sales. If you don't build a tower, it's just a single rock scattered here and there. You have to build a tower by collecting the scattered stones. The first floor pagoda is recommended by two partners, and the second floor is completed when the partners recommend two each. If you complete the 10-story pagoda and the 15-story pagoda like this, you will ultimately complete the 20-story pagoda.

It is impossible for one member to complete the 20-story pagoda. However, you only need to build a one-story pagoda and educate, manage, and apply to its partners to build a one-story pagoda. Look at the tower you built and manage to the 5th floor! And if you let each of your partners do that, you'll have a 20-story tower built for you.

When you collect stones and build a tower, the tower becomes a stone pagoda, a bronze pagoda, a silver pagoda, and ultimately a gold pagoda. During the completion of the 20-story pagoda, you will acquire the freedom of economy that each of you dreamed of, and you will grow goose that lays golden eggs.

It is not without effort. You have to spend a lot of time persuading, training, and managing. That means you really have to work hard. It is easy to break up if you don't build a tower with effort. There is also a saying in the proverb, "Will the elaborate tower collapse?!" If you want to be successful with network marketing, you have to abandon the thought of "throwing one account and making money easily."